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Veranstaltungshinweise, diesmal von der Tufa Trier und dem Atelier in der Stadt

Veröffentlicht par KaptanListe die 08/04/2005 | 402 Ansichten

In der Tufa Trier

Chicken Swings: „flieg oder stirb“

Das neue Duo am Kabaretthimmel

Kleiner Saal, Eintritt 8 / 11 €
Freitag, 8. April 20 Uhr

Göttin tanzt im Famfatal

Frauen- und Lesbendisco
Kleiner Saal, frauenzenTRIER, Eintritt 2 €
Samstag, 9. April 22 Uhr

Rebekka Bakken & Band

Großer Saal, Jazzclub EuroCore

Eintritt Vorverkauf 18 €, Abendkasse 20 €, Studenten 9 €
Tel. 0049-651 38916, Fax 0049 651 37169

Tufa Trier

Im Atelier

2raumwohnung on Wed, 13th April

– (Electro-Pop) –
2raumwohnung = Inga Humpe (noch bekannt aus Neue Deutsche Welle-Zeiten) + Tommi Eckart (Elektro-Sound-Tüftler aus Berlin). Die Popsongs aus Berlin Mitte treffen den Nerv der Zeit punktgenau. Statt wie zu Beginn als Duo mit dem Computer, stehen sie jetzt mit einer kompletten Band auf der Bühne.

Kill Bill Party feat. The Tarantinos on Saturday, 14th May

– (Q. Tarantino Soundtracks) –
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, pimps, punks, prostitutes and politicians… please welcome The Tarantinos! The Tarantinos from London take their inspiration from 90’s zeitgeist Quentin Tarantino. The band plays all the famous hits from the cult movies Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and From Dusk Till Dawn,… The band embodies the style and attitude of the films and mixes the music with movie soundbites, re-enactment of scenes, slick choreography and sharp suits. It’s far more than a live band, it’s a killer show actually! Party starts at 9pm and goes on with DJs after The Tarantino’s performance… till dawn!

Fettes Brot on Sunday, 15th May –

(German Hip Hop)
Mit “Jein” reihten sie sich ein in die erste Riege der teutonischen Sprechsänger. Mit “Schwule Mädchen” und “Nordisch By Nature” wurden sie zu Stars. Mitreissende Live-Konzerte, fetzige Wortakrobatik, lässige geistreiche Lyrics und nette (fette?) Gimmicks: das ist Fettes Brot! Außen Tophits, innen Geschmack! Und nach dem Bundesvision Song Contest 2005 und der aktuellen Single “Emanuela” folgt das neue, nächstgrösste Album “Am Wasser Gebaut” – und Fettes Brot kommt zurück ins Atelier!

Zakk Wylde & Black Label Society on Monday, 30th May

– (Biker Metal) –
Zakk Wylde, the New Jersey born singer/song writer/guitarist formed Black Label Society in 1998, although he’s still the right-hand man of the Godfather of Metal Ozzy Osbourne. Wylde is one of the last remaining rock stars, and a rare alternative to the image-conscious music scene. Black Label Society is an extension of the persona and force created by Osbourne’s side, allowing Zakk Wylde to get his hands dirty with some of the most dark, fearsome and thunderous hard rock of the Modern Age.

Morcheeba on Saturday, 18th June

– (Trip Pop) –
Morcheeba’s become a real gem of a live band. They’re silky, smooth, chilled out and funky, delivering wickedly itchy grooves. From The Sea to Trigger Hippie, from Part Of The Process to Moog Island (The Music That We Hear) or Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, Morcheeba’s massive hitlist is virtually endless. Better secure your tickets in time for this rather kinky Saturday summernight out…

For more info on these shows and tickets to see them, please click to www.atelier.lu
den Atelier will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year – so better stay tuned for upcoming events!

M. Jackson & the Million Dollar Babies

Ladies & Gentlemen,
This year, the A is celebrating its 10 years of existence!
Be prepared for some of the finest shows!
There’s loads in the pipeline and here’s a first teaser…

Queens Of The Stone Age

will play our club on Saturday, 25th June 2005.

They will be co-headlining the neighbouring Werchter, Eurockéennes and Hurricane/Southside festivals this year – and the band will play its ONLY European
clubshow at… den Atelier!

Tickets for QOTSA are available online at www.atelier.lu starting Tuesday, 22nd March @ 10am…

If you can’t get a ticket, steal one!

Charles, Camilla & the Queens

Ladies & Gentlemen,

And yet another show has been confirmed in the wake of the 10-year celebrations of den Atelier!

Sarah Bettens & special guests

will play our club on Friday, 6th May 2005

Indeed, Sarah Bettens entire musical career – first with K’s Choice and now as a solo artist with a band – is strongly linked to the history of our club. Miss Bettens played her first sold-out show in Hollerich on 1st December 1996… and then again in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2004!

In the meantime, she’s become a firmly established artist in this country.

For tickets, click to www.atelier.lu

And we guess you’ve heard it before… there’s more to come!

Better stay tuned!

Petz & the Choucroutte-Rescue-Team

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